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The first food tourism platform which connects travellers with local people who organize and provide authentic food and wine experiences anywhere! An innovative way to travel and discover new places  because in Foody you find that special local friend who takes you by the hand and makes you experience his city with his eyes and throat. Your journey of taste made by food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more, begins with us.

What is a culinary experience

Whether it is a cooking class, a food tour or a tasting, the food and wine experiences are activities, designed, provided and managed by expert Local hosts who give the opportunity to travellers to discover a place from a culinary point of view. Local hosts can offer time-varying experiences: a couple of hours, an entire day or several days.

Bring Foody in your city

Join us! Sign up, become a local host and provide authentic food and wine experiences for your guests such as food tours, cooking class or tastings. It has never been so easy. It is true that there is nothing more authentic than discovering a place starting from its food and wine culture, made up of genuine smells, flavors, and people.
Why host on Foody

Signing up on Foody, being part of our community and provide food and wine experiences is totally free. Indeed, no costs of service are charged. Foody earns only when the Local host earns!

Design unique and authentic food and wine experiences in your city for your guests, share your passions or profession, and earn money by bringing others along.

You decide everything about your culinary experience: such as the price, what to do during your activity, the number of people and your availability.