Get a taste of Bologna and Emilia

Food tours, Cooking class, Tastings and much more

Food and Wine experiences in Bologna and Emilia

Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more

Colorful, noble and friendly land, Emilia Romagna welcomes you by offering a huge variety of tourist attractions. From the late-night parties on the Adriatic seaside, to the medieval villages located in the hinterland, going through the magnificent grandeur of the renaissance buildings in the main cities of the region.Read more

Visiting Emilia means travelling across the castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, being intrigued by the imposing Bardi fortress or the elegance of the ducal palace of Colorno, admiring the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna, capital of the Western Roman Empire, or being astonished by the perfection and the harmony of the Duomo square in Parma.

Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more to experience this wine and culinary center of Italy. Emilia never stops whetting your appetite with cutting boards of cold cuts or with the outstanding pasta fresca, precisely home-made and flatten with the rolling pin, it is the flagship of the regional cuisine.

Must see of your journey should of course be Bologna, the region capital of Emilia Romagna. The town has a medieval historical centre where covered walkways, known as “portici”, develop for about 40 kilometres and stop in order to leave room to Renaissance palaces and old towers, among those you can find the Asinelli tower, 97 metres high and symbol of Bologna.

Stroll around and meet up with the local vibes in Piazza Maggiore, where you can admire the Nettuno fountain while tasting a sparkling Lambrusco, an old-fashioned of the aperitif in Romagna.The local cuisine, characterised by genuine and savory tastes, will have your heart: piadine and tigelle perfectly match with cold cuts, from the mortadella of Bologna to the prosciutto D.O.P. of Parma, you will enjoy also some pieces of Parmigiano reggiano.

And now combine everything with a good wine glass of Sangiovese di Romagna, very earthy and rustic but with a fruit-forward aroma, a perfect summary of the regional flavours. Pasta fresca is the masterpiece of the region: from tortelli di zucca to tortellini in brodo, just be sure to be hungry!

Food tour Bologna

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Food tour Bologna

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