Get a taste of Florence and Tuscany

Food tours, Cooking class, Tastings and much more

Food and Wine experiences in Florence and Tuscany

Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more

Who has never visited Tuscany at least once in life? With its rolling hills, history, artwork everywhere, its medieval villages such as San Gimignano or Volterra, the architectural beauties, home of Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language, who composed the famous Divine Comedy, without forgetting its flavors and unique food and wine products, it is not a surprise that this wonderful Italian region is among the most popular and dreamed tourist destinations in the world.Read more

Florence, the main city in the region, is the heart of Tuscany. This beautiful town, which always blow your mind every time you visit it, not only is rich of history, art and culture that you can admire everywhere around but also has a lot to offer from a gastronomic point of view, the perfect destination for all food and wine lovers. There is not, indeed, a true foodie traveller who did not stop in Florence to enjoy its delicacies at least once. Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more to discover a city where food and culture sit happily side by side at the same table and, like all over Italy, locals consider their culinary heritage proudly and passionately.

Put in your to do list, for example, a visit to the San Lorenzo Market, a place where Florence’s history and culture combine with food since 1874. A taste of the famous Florentine tripe, better known as the Lampredotto, which is an authentic street food sold daily in the streets of the city on the “tripe-seller docks” served in the tuscan sandwich called “semelle” maybe sipping an excellent glass of Chianti classic red wine.

While your visit you can not forget about Fiorentina, the famous tuscan steak cooked as tradition on the ardent heat, a must for all the meat lovers. And then its salami, cheeses, its wines and the important companies that produce them, such as the Antinori or Ferragamo family. A trip here will surely be delightful and unforgettable.

Food Tour Firenze

Truffle Experience

Meet the pioneer of truffle experiences in Tuscany. Truffle hunt in the Florence countryside with your local expert and his truffle dogs.
Food Tour Firenze

Wine, Food and Reinassance

An authentic food tour discovering local food and wine products into the Florentine Reinassance.
Food Tour Firenze

Aperitivo time! Florence wine tour

It’s wine o’clock! Enjoy a late afternoon stroll around Florence to discover our famous Tuscan red wines.
Food Tour Firenze

Florence foodies walk

Experience local fair with an expert guide. Visit the best local food stores and off the beaten track places.
Food Tour Firenze

Florence food & markets tour

Visit typical delicatessens where Florentines shop daily. Enjoy a cappuccino at a local bar, visit a local farmers stand, taste cured Tuscan- Prosciutto sliced by hand and much more.
Cooking class

Live the Restaurant Man Experience!!!

Being a Restaurant man is not a job is a lifestyle! We will visit the S.Ambrogio Local Farmer Market, meet the local farmers, cooking all together with a professional chef inside the kitchen of my restaurant and then you will enjoy the dishes prepared with your own hands.

Discover the tuscan wines in the heart of Florence

Our main goal is to guide you through the wines produced in the Italian Tuscany region, as well as to help you understand how Tuscan wine has influenced wine making throughout the world.