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Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more

Mediterranean landscape brings the biggest italian island to life creating a unique, varied and surprising scenery: mountains, hills, crystal clear sea and coloured sea bottom contribute to making Sicilia a jewel of the country. Evidence of the land’s masterpiece are the little islands surrounding, from Eolie to Pelagie, going through Pantelleria island, always keeping in mind the incredible volcanos of Etna and Stromboli, authors of the peculiar nearby landscape. Read more

Sicily is a real open air museum: the valle dei templi in Agrigento, proof of the Greek culture, the villa del Casale, charming country house worldwide well known for its mosaics and amazing example of the roman architecture, and also the duomo di Monreale, decorated with pure gold and masterpiece of the arab-norman culture. Travelling in Sicily means living all the different historical periods that influenced the land, indeed you can find everywhere footprints of the communities who lived there.

Palermo is the crossroads of the people who acted in Mediterranean area, the architecture of the city well reveals this feature through the cappella Palatina, proof of the arab influence, the neoclassical teatro Massimo, or the cathedral, who has been rebuilt along the years creating an unique and singular monument.

For millennia at the crossroads of civilisations, Palermo delivers a heady, heavily spiced mix of Byzantine mosaics, Arabesque domes and frescoed cupolas. This is a city at the edge of Europe and at the centre of the ancient world, a place where souk-like markets rub against baroque churches, where date palms frame Gothic palaces and where the blue-eyed and fair have bronze-skinned cousins.

Centuries of dizzying highs and crushing lows have formed a complex metropolis. Here, crumbling staircases lead to gilded ballrooms and guarded locals harbour hearts of gold. Just don’t be fooled. Despite its noisy streets, Palermo is a shy beast, rewarding the inquisitive with citrus-filled cloisters, stucco-laced chapels and vintage stores filled with the threads of faded aristocrats. Add to this Italy’s biggest opera house and an ever-growing number of vibrant, new-school eateries and bars and you might just find yourself suddenly, unexpectedly in love with Plaermo!

The warm of the region is directly brought on the tables thanks to the local excellent products: extra- virgin oil, made with the olives that grow for merit of the mild temperatures in the ideal hilly area close to the seaside; the juicy red oranges and the sicilian citrus fruits; and of course you can not forget about the caper bushes of Pantelleria or the cheese of Ragusa and the salame of Sant’Angelo. From these natural products derives a rich, varied, savoury diet with the mediterranean trademark that whets your appetite with appetizer such as arancini or crocchette di patate and refresh your palate with fish dishes. Let yourself be intrigued by the sicilian patisserie, the undisputed kingdom of three main products: almond dough, ricotta and pistachio.


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