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Food tours, Cooking class, Tastings and much more

Food and Wine experiences in Rome and Lazio

Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more

What is the best way to travel into the past and admire the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Roman Empire, if not by visiting Lazio and the magnificent Rome, capital of Italy and jewel of the region? Characterized by a typical mediterranean climate along the coast and a continental one inland, Lazio offers a huge range of landscapes where natural reserves and volcanic lakes, among which we should mention the famous Bracciano lake, meet castles, fortifications, all examples of the well-known Lazio’s history. Art, sea, nature and genuine products are the key factors of the region’s success, destination of all kinds of tourists from the ones fond of arts to the sport lovers. However everyone agrees on having a rest with real local good food. Read more

Rome, called also “the Eternal city” by the emperor Adrian who described in details the magnificence and the majesty of the city, is the heartbeat of the Italian culture. Its origins are to be found in the legend of Romolo and Remo, the two children raised by a wolf, today symbol of the town. Roma’s historical centre is an UNESCO world heritage site and walking around there leads across the beauty of the past: the Imperial Forums, Caracalla thermal baths, Circus Maximus and the Pantheon are just few of the must-see. Losing yourself in the surroundings and discovering the heart of Rome is an (extra) ordinary experience: be fascinated by the staircase in Piazza di Spagna, by the Bernini’s impressive fountain in Piazza Navona or by the stately Piazza Venezia.

Food tours, cooking class, tastings and much more to experience the roman culinary tradition from the variety of the local products to propose you tempting dishes: carciofi alla romana seasoned with herbs, bucatini all’amatriciana made with the famous Amatrice’s cheek lard, spaghetti cacio e pepe, masterpiece of the roman pecorino, and last but not least the classic carbonara, perfect to taste in the bustlings restaurants of the historical centre. You can cleanse your palate by sipping the wines of the nearby hills, where the vineyards of the white Cervetri DOC or the red Romanico Cesanese del Piglio, with the delicious taste of black cherry, are located.

Tasting Zagarolo

Wine tasting experience

A complete wine and cultural tour surrounded by the lovely roman countryside to discover an authentic wine family winery.
Breakfast Rome

Roman breakfast with a local

Your local host will guide you through the do’s and don’ts when in Rome as you enjoy a sit-down Roman breakfast with an espresso, cappuccino and fresh pastry.
Tasting Rome

The four roman pasta

An authentic full immersion into the classic Roman pastas that you must taste in Rome: Amatriciana, Carbonara, Gricia and Cacio & Pepe.
Food tour Rome

Fabiolous food tour in Rome

Venture off the beaten path to experience the real flavors of Rome in the vibrant neighborhoods of Trastevere and Campo de’ Fiori with a local chef.
Food tour Rome

Bites of Trastevere

Experience the popular trastevere distric by it’s food and wine side getting off the beaten track of the city.
Food tour Rome

Espresso, Gelato & Tiramisù tour

There’s no better way to truly understand Rome than through your stomach. Taste your way through the Eternal City, teasing your sweet tooth with the best coffee, tiramisu, and gelato in town.
Tasting Rome

The five italian red wines

This wine tasting tour is a journey among 5 great Italian regions and the outstanding wines that each produce and are famous for.
Cooking class Rome

Fabiolous Pizza making course

Discover the secrets of the perfect Roman pizza. Prepare and indulge in the most iconic Italian food with your local chef.
Food tour Rome

Insiders Food tour

Food lovers, this is your time! Experience a nice stroll through Rome’s enchanting squares and neighborhoods while tasting some of the delicious food and wines for which the city is famous.
Tasting Rome

Food & Wine shots dinner

This Food & Wine shots dinner will probably be one of the funnest food and wine pairing experiences you will ever have taking you on a tasting journey of 7 classic local dishes, each paired with a “shot” of outstanding Italian wine.
Cooking class Rome

A unique Cooking day in Rome

A unique cooking day in Rome, a culinary journey through the real Italy shopping in Campo de’ Fiori market, and prepare your meal in an exclusive location in the heart of the Eternal City.
Lunch/Dinner Rome

Gourmet dinner & wine tasting in luxury restaurant

After a really casual day visiting Rome, you definitely deserve to spend a night out with style: this is your opportunity to live a VIP tasting dinner experience in a stunning location in Rome city centre.
Food Tour Rome

Truffle experience in Rome

Lose yourself in the uncontaminated nature of the Bracciano lake, in the north of Rome, surrounded by the history of the Etruscan culture, you will have a unique truffle experience with your local truffle expert.
Cooking class Rome

Fresh homemade Pasta:market, cooking class & lunch

Ready to make ravioli, tonnarelli and strozzapreti from scratch? Before cooking, off to the market you go! You first need to grasp the aromas and flavors of the ingredients you will be using in the recipes.