Our mission

We believe, wait, we are convinced that a personal experience is much more enriching and offers more happiness than any material object and probably few are life experiences that contribute to this wealth as travels. Do not simply travel like a tourist, but with the spirit of really knowing how that place really is and living its most authentic part. This is Foody!

Today there is a new frontier of tourism where the word “experience” is revolutionizing the idea of travel. Within this trend, food tourism has grown and food is one of the most important ingredients of travel, a crucial element in the choice of the destination.

For this reason, in Foody, we work to offer to the world authentic, unique and quality food and wine activities provided by local experts, so that travellers can know and enjoy the most authentic part of a place. Experiences that in the usual tourist guides simply do not appear.

In this way we help to create a community where travellers not only find cheap alternatives to traditional tourist programs, but we also contribute to the creation of micro-entrepreneurs who can make their passion their lifestyle. And if with our work we are able to provide happy moments, big or small, we consider ourselves more than satisfied.