Our Story

Foody, founded in February 2017, was born from the meeting of two young guys who were in Milan both for work and who would never have imagined starting this trip together. What joined the two first founders, Elena Bisio and Michele Arleo, was not only the desire to get involved but the common passion for travel, food and the idea that the most authentic experiences are in the direct relationship with the locals and not those with the classic tourist guides. A way to see the travel in a new and emotional perspective.

The opportunity to start to create something seriously comes after Foody wins the selection and attended the acceleration path of H-Farm Accelerator, one of the most important business accelerators in Italy. Thanks to this path, the project started to take shape and the team was enriched by two other leading travel companions: Simone Campinoti and Rishabh Jain.

Today, what was just a dream, a pen-ink idea on a piece of paper in front of a glass of wine, is finally reality thanks to the constant work of the whole team, to their passion, tenacity and consistency.

Is all about the people!